Research Fellowships awarded to UC academics

18 September 2015 Two of the four new James Cook Research Fellowships have been awarded to University of Canterbury (UC) academics this year, it has been announced. (read article)

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International Accreditation

UC is amongst the group of leading universities whose MBA programmes are accredited by the London-based Association of MBAs (AMBA).  This means we have committed to a process of continuous quality improvement and international benchmarking of our curriculum and pedagogy.

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Thinking about Professional Development?

Enhance your leadership capability and business acumen. UC offers fulltime and part-time study options to suit your work commitments and career goals.

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More Business

More Business

Hear Althea talk about the Entre entrepreneurship scheme and how it provides UC students the opportunity to get practical experience in business while they study.

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Want to add business acumen to your undergraduate degree?

The Master of Business Management (MBM) is ideal for graduates of other disciplines who want to develop their business perspective and judgement.

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Professional Accounting Masters qualification

The Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) takes you through a high level of current accounting principles and processes, and can lead to provisional membership to professional bodies such as NZICA and CPA Australia.

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‘The motivation for doing the MBA is to widen my knowledge of leadership and to develop into a well-rounded businessman...’

Jeremy Sullivan Studying towards an MBA
Sharebroker, Authorised Financial Advisor and NZX Associate, Hamilton Hindin Greene Ltd
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Welcome to Executive Development Programmes at UC

University of Canterbury postgraduates play an important role in developing and supporting innovative organisations that strive to be highly successful. New Zealand is a part of the global market and our country’s future success is reliant on businesses developing innovative and highly efficient goods and services that will deliver strong sustainable growth for the future.

Seize the opportunity to build your career, upskill and make new business connections, by exploring the many postgraduate options the University of Canterbury has to offer.

Announcements and Events

Entrepreneurial Vision or Hallucination?

Peter Montgomery is founder and CEO of InventoryTech. Peter is well-known for his innovative start-up companies including Mooring Systems and Tradevine™. His current company, InventoryTech Limited, is revolutionising global healthcare and inventory management. In 2014 its Clever Medkit™ product was recognised internationally as amongst the top 100 innovative technologies in the world. Peter always starts with a vision of the future – although he does caution that sometimes the visions are hallucinations and it's important to be able to tell the difference. Come along to hear Peter share his start-up experiences at our December Executive Forum (read more)

When: Thursday 3 December 2015, 5pm–6pm
Where: Undercroft 101 Seminar Room, Puaka-James Hight Building
Light refreshments and networking will follow

Advance your career

Develop your leadership and management capability. UC's Postgraduate Certificate in Strategic Leadership draws from our internationally accredited MBA programme and brings together six courses focusing on leadership and strategy. Each course is taught in a modular format over four days (two Fridays and Saturdays). Apply now for courses starting on 29 January and 1 April 2016 (read more)

From BA to Banking – Add a business upgrade to your degree

Designed specifically for graduates from non-Commerce backgrounds including Arts, Education, Science and Engineering, our taught masters programmes in business management and professional accounting add practical commerce skills and enhance your employability in as little as 11 months (read more about the MBM and MPA)